PPGL Lining (Polypropylene Glass Lining Manufacturers)

What is PPGL Lining?

GEFLOR PPGL is a chemical resistant lining system particularly suitable for use against minerals acids & strong alkalis
Polypropylene glass lined streets are bonded to concrete subsurface with chemical resistant adhesive resistant adhesive to provide a protective layer against acids, alkalis and corrosive chemicals chemical

What are the features of PPGL?

• GERFLOR PPGL lining has excellent chemical resistance
• GERFLOR PPGL lining has good UV resistance.
• GERFLOR PPGL lining has few joints
• GERFLOR PPGL lining has good abrasion resistance

PPGL recommended uses?

GEFLOR PPGL lining is best suitable for the following structures
• DM plants
• Neutralizing pits
• Drains
• Tank farm area
• Chemical house
• Battery rooms
• Alum tarks

GEFLOR PPGL lining system is available in black color in thicknesses ranging from 3.5 mm to 45 mm


Surface preparation –

The quality and surface characteristics of the sub-floor have a decisive influence on the durability of the PPGL lining. The condition of the sub-floor must be meticulously
examined for soundness, strength, the presence of cracks and full adhesion to the load bearing structure.
Adhesion of existing cement mortar screeds is easily tested by tapping with a hammer.
Hollow sounding areas must be chiseled out and repaired with fresh mortar. Newly laid concrete sub floors should be left to cure for as long as possible before lining, ideally, about four weeks.
RCC tanks and water retaining structures must be watertight and finished with an even, leveled plaster coat with minimum undulations. The external surface of the underground tanks must be provided with a water proof plaster or a suitable water proof coating.
All surface undulations must be ground to get an even surface. The substrate should be cleaned and made free of any contaminations and loosely adhering particles.
It is imperative that the RCC should be plastered to obtain a smooth undulation free surfacewhich has a light sand paper finish.

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